/The Resume Brahmastra - The Ultimate Guide to your dream job

The Resume Brahmastra - The Ultimate Guide to your dream job

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Craft a winning resume that lands you your dream job


Learn the art of creating an exceptional resume that gets you noticed by recruiters and increases your chances of landing your dream job. This course provides comprehensive guidance on crafting a professional resume tailored to your industry, highlighting your skills and experience effectively.

Key Highlights

Master the techniques to make your resume stand out

Optimize your resume to pass ATS screenings

Showcase your achievements and strengths effectively

Tailor your resume for different job applications

Learn the do's and don'ts of resume writing

What you will learn

Create an impactful resume

Understand the key components of a resume and learn how to create a visually appealing and well-structured document that grabs attention.

Highlight your skills and experience

Discover strategies for showcasing your relevant skills, accomplishments, and experience in a way that aligns with the job requirements and attracts employers.

Optimize for ATS screenings

Learn techniques to optimize your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) used by companies for initial screenings, ensuring your resume gets past the automation.

Tailor your resume for different job applications

Gain insights into tailoring your resume to match specific job descriptions and target different industries or positions effectively.

Stay updated with resume trends

Stay ahead of the curve by learning the latest industry trends and best practices in resume writing, including incorporating keywords and using modern templates.


What is the Resume Brahmastra

5 attachments • 2 hrs

Shastra 1 - Be the Difference

Shastra 2 - Har Taale Ki Chaabi

Shastra 3 - Master Pre-Interview Prep

Shastra 4 - Types of Interview

Shastra 5 - Get Ready to crack your interview

Reference Material - The Resume Brahmastra

2 attachments

The Resume Brahmastra - The Ultimate Guide to get your dream job

27 pages

Key word - Pro Tips

8 pages

Sample Template & Resume Builder Links

3 attachments • 1 mins

New Resume Template

Sample Resume for Reference

2 pages

Best Resume Builders - Free


When you complete this course you receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ signed and addressed personally by me.

Course Certificate


One of the best workshop on resume building. Amazing knowledge shared at a cost you can never believe. But more than anything an eye opener for all those want to start a new career

Testimonial | Photograph | {{name}}

Adithya Srinivas

HR Strategist - Business Partner AlphaOri Technologies

Must do course and definately recommended for everyone seeking job in this tough time!

Testimonial | Photograph | {{name}}

Poonam Ahuja

Portfolio Lead - Program Manager Accenture

Every individual aspiring for a job must attend the Resume Brahmastra as the content is rich & inputs provided are sharp to the point & will definitely add lot of value

Testimonial | Photograph | {{name}}

Ratish Dixit

Co-Founder & Director at Nabigeta Solutionist

The session provided a lot of insights in ways of building a resume. Being the first source of interaction between employer and employee, a well built resume having optimum features becomes a very integral part of hunting and securing a dream job. The session provided methods on how your resume can speak maximum about you using minimum words. It was a great opportunity for me to enhance the quality of my resume which surely is going to help me for remainder of my professional career.

Testimonial | Photograph | {{name}}

Jaya Singh

HR & IR Manager - GAIL India

Amazed to see this rightly termed "Resume Brahmastra" course being released on whatsapp!! I have had a 360 degree shift in my considerations of designing a resume...thanks to Bruhad Buch hitting the nail on the head everytime!

Testimonial | Photograph | {{name}}

Sonal Soni

Lead - Learning & Development at Cedar Consulting

It's a wonderful experience I must say. I have attended this program and I must say it has really helped me to know all the finer points of resume. I want to take a moment to thank you for providing wonderful insights on how to improve it and cover everything in a systematic manner. Your seminar was one of the most impactful experiences of my career.

Testimonial | Photograph | {{name}}

Smriti Mishra

American Express - Product & Analytics

I've attended this program and trust me this program is an absolute steal in 199 bucks... With the tools and templates he's going to give away here, ₹199 is literally a throwaway price... Can't have a better facilitator than Bruhad for this session

Testimonial | Photograph | {{name}}

Jyoti Tiwari

Healthcare Evangelist - Social Entrepreneur (Founder & CEO - Ingenious Works)


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