The Training Bundle - A Facilitator's Ready Reckoner

The Training Bundle - A Facilitator's Ready Reckoner is a comprehensive collection of resources designed to assist facilitators in delivering effective training sessions. Whether you are an experienced facilitator or just starting out, this bundle offers a wealth of valuable tools and materials to enhance your training delivery. It includes a wide range of facilitation techniques, interactive exercises, icebreakers, group activities, and training templates. Contents of the bundle

1) 129 Behavioral Skill Modules

2) Advance Leadership Modules

3) Ice breakers and Training Games Handbook

4) Selling Skills Modules

5) Training PDF's & E-books

6) 2 Bonuses - 3000+ ChatGPT prompts & Facilitator's Bundle


What is the refund policy?

Please note that we do not currently have a return policy in place for our products.

For how long can I access the content?

This is a one-time purchase product and you'll get a lifetime access to it.

How do I access the contents within the link?

Once you purchase the Toolkit, please share the screenshot of your payment by email to and we will grant permanent access to you

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